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Tandem Trader is probably the most comprehensive day trading course available. It is packed with profitable day-trading setups, up to 12 hours of content, and tick-by-tick commentary on real trades.


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Tandem Trader by Investors Underground is one of the most popular day trading community and education services.

Tandem Trader is probably the most comprehensive day trading course available. It is packed with profitable day-trading setups, up to 12 hours of content, and tick-by-tick commentary on real trades.

Compared to other trading courses, this course by Investors Underground desists from dealing with complex theories, hindsight analysis, or strategies that are hard work. Instead, you’ll experience the live-trading action from a professional trader with more than ten years of market trading experience.

For ease of understanding, the course is divided into ten major chapters, each covering a different aspect of trading. Let’s take a look at what each branch of the procedure entails.

Chapter 1: Charting the Course

In this part of the course, you will see how Nate started, his struggles, and his successes as a trader. In addition, you will discover Nate’s strategies to be a consistently profitable trader.

Chapter 2: Trading Concepts

As the name suggests, this chapter covers different trading concepts such as trading rules and basic philosophies. It discusses what stocks to trade, how to control your emotions when trading, and the drawbacks of over-trading. All these strategies will help you become a successful trader in the end.

Chapter 3: NASDAQ Longs

This chapter will help you dive into live-action. It includes top chart patterns that will enable you to master sell high and buy low trades and detailed actual trade examples. So make sure to pay attention to this chapter.

Chapter 4: Parabolic Shorts

Inside this chapter, you will discover the different parabolic short setups, how to easily spot them, and the best time to take a temporary position. As it turns out, you can make good money if a particular stock drops in price when you least expected it.

Chapter 5: Shorts and Faders

Although parabolic shorts do offer excellent trading opportunities, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a stock to shoot up before commencing a short position. Therefore, this chapter reveals other joint options you can take advantage of, including late-day faders.

Chapter 6: OTC Trading

This is yet another chapter to pay attention to and have it hand into your brain because trading penny stocks is quite dangerous. The chapter covers the ins and outs of the OTC markets in detail so you can have an easy time navigating the market. It includes live recordings of actual trades, making everything in this chapter practical.

Chapter 7: Level 2 Screens and Float Rotation

Level 2 screens are an essential trading tool, especially alongside charts. Access to level 2 screens provides traders with an extra layer of insight into the demand and supply of the stock markets.

This chapter teaches you how to read and interpret Level 2 screens correctly and effortlessly. In addition, you will discover what float rotation is and how it can cause extensive stock breakouts.

Chapter 8: How to Scan for Stocks

With so many stocks available, it is never easy to find the right and profitable stores to trade, especially if you are a day trader. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an avid trader.

While the Investors Underground does provide quality watch lists for its members, it is always good to learn how to create your watch lists. This chapter, therefore, will help you understand how you can scan for profitable stocks by explaining how they make theirs.

Chapter 9: Tools of the Trade

There are so many trading tools available for day traders to choose from, including brokers and charting software. So if you are not aware of the best tools to select, you can end up frustrated as a trader.

Inside this part of the course, you will find tips and tricks to help you choose the right charting platforms and brokers to become a successful day trader.

Chapter 10: Trader Interviews

The chapter of Tandem Trader includes one-on-one interviews with famous and successful day traders. In the interviews, the traders discuss some of the mistakes they made, how they were introduced to stock trading, and some strategies that have helped them become successful traders.


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