The AW System (Accelerated Wave)

This system is centered around the LEADING pattern recognition AW System (Accelerated Wave) indicator. It LEADS (and doesn’t lag behind) price action.


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They laughed when I said this non-lagging AW System (Accelerated Wave) system could predict trend reversals with pinpoint accuracy. But when the profits started rolling in…

This system is centered around a LEADING pattern recognition indicator. The indicator LEADS (and doesn’t lag behind) price action because it’s based on the concept of “equilibrium of buyers and sellers” in the markets. When there’s a shift in this equilibrium, that’s a strong signal that a big market move is about to happen.

Best part: The system includes an amazing MARKET SCANNER. It scans all symbols and all timeframes for this kind of high-probability trend reversals.

Hi there,

My name is Zach Mets and 6 years ago, I was hired as chief programmer for a small European startup.

The company had just raised their first and second rounds of investments, and intended to create some kind of software technology that could…

Accurately predict the financial markets.

I was relocated to Basel where I was to lead a team of 3 developers, in a small office in the old town.

We were tasked with a mission that had never been accomplished before. No one in history has ever used computers to consistently beat the market.

But this startup was in a special position…

The founder of the startup was an eccentric guy called Phillip Cranz.

Before starting this company, Phillip was very wealthy but also very bored. He got rich (the first time) by starting a robotics company in 1999 which he sold for a nundisclosed big sum just three years later in 2001.

As part of the deal, he had to sign a “non-compete” agreement with a duration of five years.

After that five years ended, he went back in business and built up another company. And another 2 years later.

And So On…

You get the idea. You see…

This Guy Has A Mind That Just Won’t Quit!

At the age of 53, he was bored and wanted to do something different.

This time he wanted to use his “Genetic Algorithm” research to build something truly amazing…

He wanted to use his technology to build an…

Unbeatable trading system…

One that could accurately predict future market movement and its extent.

Here’s how it works…

As I mentioned, Phillip is a pioneer in the research of “Genetic Algorithm”. These scientific techniques can be applied to solve a broad range of optimization problems. Including optimizing trading algorithms for beating the FX market.

At the “heart” of our system is a database of ADVANCED chart patterns.

These patterns are guarded heavily… And are even encrypted within the system.

You see… When a currency pair forms one of these patterns, they almost always rise or fall as predicted… usually within hours.

But as I said, Phillip is, well… kind of weird. He doesn’t want safe trades that win only a little.

He wants to take big risks. He wants to go for the “big ones”.

And that’s why he picks only the patterns that are capable of predicting big trend reversals, well BEFORE they even happen.

In fact, Phillip insists that these patterns must be able to…

Capture at least 500 pips per winning trade

That’s the most stringent criteria every single pattern must pass.

And so… Each day, our system downloads data from the forex market. These charts are then referenced against the encrypted trading patterns… Held in the system’s secret database.

If, in the last 24 hours a currency pair has formed a pattern that matches the patterns in our database…

Then the system will start investigating that particular pair in more detail.

But where do we get these…

‘Winning’ Price Patterns

Another major part of the team that developed this system… Was a man called Pier Beunk. He is one of the world’s most successful day traders that I have the privilege to know.

Here are just a few of his trading stats:

– Had a 26-month winning streak (August 2016 – December 2018)

– Has captured 51,461 pips in the last 3 calendar years (that’s the equivalent to over $500,000 when trading a standard lot)

And so, Pier was hired by the founder Phillip Cranz to use his knowledge and experience to program the system.

To do this, Pier made a set of videos. These videos show 34 specific techniques. Techniques that siphon money from the market with almost no risk.

Pier said he wouldn’t even show his close family these videos… Because these 34 techniques were the keys to making him thousands of dollars a day… (With almost no risk).

Because of this… Pier only entrusted me with these trading patterns… None of the other programmers or managers at the startup have seen the videos.

And together… Me and Pier turned each video technique into an algorithm within the database that the system could read. Each algorithm was then encrypted with 168-bit 3DES encryption — the most secure encryption method in existence.

Why So Secretive?

These videos were used to duplicate Pier’s knowledge into the core module of the system. Decades of work and experience Pier had put in…

And now…

In effect, the system trades… Just like Pier Beunk… a world class day trader!

In addition…

While doing all this, the system constantly monitors the market statistics to determine which patterns have got the highest probability of winning.

If it sees a NEW pattern that’s continuously producing predictable gains, then it will add that pattern to our database.

And this is very important. Because, you see…

We Were Teaching The System How to Learn!

Using Phillip’s research we were able to create a system so advanced… That it actually learns more and more about the market as it is used.

I could have written an extremely powerful pitch for our system… but I decided to let the product speak for itself.

I’ve simply put up a recent winning trade (that the system generated for me) for your review:


After roughly 11 months of continuous development… This system was smart enough to start trading. We let it start with an account balance of $10,000… And within 3 days it had turned that $10,000 into just under $17,000!

$7,000 Of Profit… On The First Run

But we didn’t stop there. We were continuously adding more features to our system.

And with each iteration, the system became more and more powerful.

In fact, within 9 months, it has become the single most successful trading system this startup has developed…

But… It was around this time… I was took to the managers office…

And Fired!

The senior managers of the company had decided they no longer required the programmers who actually developed the system. The technology inside the system was now far too valuable and needed to be safeguarded.

I got back home devastated, and spent 3 months searching for a new job.

I felt…

Cheated and Used.

It proved extremely hard to find any job with a similar pay grade to what the startup had offered.

I decided I had to do something…

I still had a copy of the video showing the 34 chart patterns Pier had entrusted me with. So…

I called Pier and explained to him how I was looking for a way to make my own system. And I wanted to use it myself on my home computer… managing a much smaller amount of capital.

So I got together with Pier… And we turned his small basement into our office. Excited at the thought of recreating the system for ourselves we worked furiously.

Six months later…

We Personally Owned The Startup Trading System’s… ‘Younger Brother’

We got a personal name for it

We call it:

“Accelerated Wave” system… or AW for short.

The AW trading system is consistently detecting huge winning trades for me every day. Each with the potential of generating +500 pips per trade (even more than I had expected).

Easy winners like this:

Doing most of the work in the morning. Most often, I was able to wake up… to see the system already signaled a potential trade. Making up to a few thousand dollars, before most people had even gotten to work.

In fact, I found it easier to use the system to make $1000… Than to travel to the local ATM and take out the money from my own bank account.

But who needs the AW trading strategy?

Are you still working a 9-to-5 job and can’t monitor the FX market? And you want an shortcut to windfall profits.

Do you want a primary or secondary steady income stream from currency trading?

Do you want to trade with the MOST amazing, exciting, and profitable FX strategy in existence? One that’s based on science and math, not hype and BS.

Would you like to identify winning trades almost immediately, starting just minutes within downloading this syste,?

Are you tired of putting in the long hours and hard work but getting NO money (but frequently a lot of debt)?

Are you just starting out with FX trading, but don’t know how? (don’t worry, the system does almost all the hard work for you, from A to Z)

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, you should try my “crazy” AW trading strategy.

The very system you’re about to download is NOT just a bunch of computer codes… it’s literally a complete solution… a formula… a shortcut for earning massive profits wherever you are today.

It could be used equally by the single mother trying to put her child in a good private school, to the ordinary 9-to-5ers who wants to make a great living…

…all the way to guys who are running multi-million hedge funds.

This software is not Mickey Mouse. It’s powerful. It’s life-altering.

I could keep going, but I think you get the message. You see, to date, in my tests…

“AW System” Has Never Had A Losing Streak That Lasted Longer Than 3 Trades!

It has what can only be described as the “Golden Touch” in selecting profitable forex trades.

From our rigorous tests, we concluded that our AW method of picking and choosing profitable trades has an average success rate of 74.21%.

This Is Nearly 8 WINNERS For Every 10 Trade It Makes For Us…

Just how can any system get a success ratio of 74.21%?

That’s a good question.

Part of the answer may be that 2 years after developing the AW System (Accelerated Wave) , I founded my own market research company — AW Market Research where we use extremely technical, scientific techniques to study the markets.

This kind of research is able to put our trading strategy in a class of its own when it comes to choosing winners.

But still, being able to beat the market 74.21% of the time is totally unheard of. People keep saying trading forex is a “gamble”.

Maybe it is for most people. But it doesn’t seem like that’s true for us when we own a software that masters how the market moves, how it works, and even how it thinks.

Here’s how the AW System (Accelerated Wave) works:

It runs any particular forex trading opportunity through a multitude of possible scenarios created by extremely complicated mathematical and scientific formulas.

The built-in algorithm inside the AW core engine picks the trades with the highest possibility to win AND with the biggest profit potential.

Then it finds the most profitable entry and exit points. And tells you exactly what to do.

But still… many of my colleagues doubt the power of the AW System (Accelerated Wave). They say it’s impossible for any code engine to deliver these kinds of results.

But the truth of the matter is…

You Can’t Turn A Blind Eye To Cold Hard Facts.

And facts don’t come colder… or harder… than AW system’s documented track record.

Just take a look for yourself:

On April 20, the core engine of the AW system detected a high-probability trend reversal on USD/JPY. Wegotourselves a buy signal:

As it turned out, this trend reversal actually marks the beginning of a new uptrend. And we managed to join this uptrend at the very beginning.

This trade generated 860 pips in profit so far. I expect even more profits in the coming days:

And… take EUR/GBP for example, on January 10, the core engine of the AW system detects a bearish trade setup. And this setup quickly led to another easy winning trade.

In 2017 alone, from my tests, the AW system generated 53 wins which averaged a profit of 315 pips per trade. (This is MY results, your results will vary.)

If I had allowed the system trade for me with a minimum of one standard contract back on each trade, I would have pocketed over $166,950 in profit.

In 2018, AW system had 61 winners altogether. I would have made over $216,550 in profits trading one standard lot, had I used the AW system this year.

AW’s uncanny ability to put money in its testers’ pockets is second to none.

And, the amazing thing about the AW system is the minimal amount of time and effort needed on your part.

In fact, you’re probably not going to believe it when I tell you exactly what’s required to use this brilliant system:

Step 1: Download the AW trading strategy.

Step 2: Install the system in just 2 minutes. And let it fly out into the markets.

Step 3: Now, I can watch the money roll in. I can go about my daily business and check back regularly to see if I have effortlessly earned double, triple or even quadruple my money back.

It’s Really That Simple…

Actually, it’s so simple, if you wanted to, you could even teach your 10-year-old son or daughter to do the whole thing for you.

You see, this is no ordinary system developed by some nonchalant forex trader who calls himself a “guru” because he got “lucky” on a few trades.

No! Our AW system is for real. Its reputation is built on RESULTS… proven results… time after time, for many years.

If it had been luck, the AW system would have wiped out our personal trading accounts years ago.

What you have just read so far, is an overview of what I believe, and obviously what others believe, is the most amazing, exciting…

…and definitely one of the most profitable methods of leveraging both your time and money.

But, make no mistake. Before you get too excited, you need to know…

The AW trading strategy is expensive…

It very definitely is.

In fact, it costs $997 for a one-year license. And I think you’ll agree it’s very reasonable price tag.

After all, who wouldn’t write a check for $997 in return for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars that the system could generate in that one year?

And if you really think about it, since AW System (Accelerated Wave) could generate that type of profit in a day or less, you could make back your subscription price the very first day you put it in action. And any profits the system generates after that is FREE MONEY for you.

But, it keeps getting better. Because this is the FIRST-EVER official release of the AW system, I’m going to do something crazy.

Here’s the deal:

ONLY during this official launch, I’m going to offer you a chance at wealth and a lifetime of happiness for a tiny fraction of its value…

The AW trading strategy will be YOURS for the amazingly low ONE-TIME investment of only $497!

***(Or even LESS if you order TODAY on this visit: see details below)

That’s right, only $497 to transform your life. And you’ll be charged ONE TIME only. No monthly billing… nothing.

And we’re talking the tiny sum of $1.08 per day with the very real potential to make at least 5,000 times that amount, every month… even the first month!

But here’s the catch:

The special introductory one time payment of $497 is available ONLY during this official launch period. After that, you’ll have to pay the regular subscription price of $997 per year.

In other words, if you get in right now, you only pay $497 and you’ll NEVER be charged again.

And you still enjoy ALL the benefits that other people who’ll be forced to pay a recurring annual subscription price enjoy, but for a tiny fraction of the price…


We just recently launched the AW system.. As part of our effort to spread out theword and get a lot of peopleusingoursystem, we’re offering a special one-time introductoryspecialprice for a very limited time.

***SAVE $200.00 TODAY!!***

You canorderthe AW System (Accelerated Wave) for only $297 on thisvisit.

And if you loveoursoftware, we would appreciate a testimonial 🙂

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The AW System (Accelerated Wave)
The AW System (Accelerated Wave)


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