The Epsilon-5 System

Epsilon-5 came about after Kevin developed the famous “Universal Pip” computer forex trading model, while contracted to FXL Capital Management.


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Attention My Trader Friend: If your are even half way considering making the big bucks with forex trading, you need to pay close attention right now to discover…

How To “Funnel-Off” Your Share of the $3,643,227,111 The Forex Market Gives-Up To People Just Like YOU Every Single Month

You’ll See How Two Uber Geeks From Michigan Developed A System That Could Rake In $112,386.56 In Just 3 Months. A 6-Figure Next-Generation Forex System So Smart, It Almost Always Wins… And How You Can Use This Exact Same System That Has The Potential To Produce You Income For Years & Years To Come… Here’s PROOF!

Hi there,

What I am about to share with you is a very unusual story…

But one that you will want to read every word of, because it could make you RIDICULOUS amounts of money — more on that in a minute…

My business partner and I are a couple of “geeks” named John Kaplan and Kevin Hansen.

And we developed the first commercially available 6-figure next-generation forex system, which Kevin dubbed “Epsilon-5”.

It’s truly magical. Just recently, trading one of our smaller accounts, it rakes in $27,338.65 in just 3 days.

The Birth Of Epsilon-5 System.

Epsilon-5 came about after Kevin developed the famous “Universal Pip” computer forex trading model, while contracted to FXL Capital Management.

A piece of system which most years is responsible for: $3,000,000,000 Annual Trading Profit!

With this project completed, Kevin looked for a new way to line his pockets and keep himself busy.

Unfortunately he had signed an iron-clad Non Compete and NDA agreement with FXL Capital Management, forbidding him to create systems which trade currencies for other competing hedge funds.

After 6 weeks of being temporarily unemployed, Kevin who was very wealthy and very bored… decided to start a new project.

Kevin knew he could take advantage of a major loophole in the currency markets…

…And developed a system capable of running on any home computer and could be used in managing ANY trading accounts between $100 and $500,000.

By trading such a small amount (by comparison to the millions the fund managers work with), Kevin’s system could yield MUCH higher returns.

In fact it is designed to trade in the volatile forex markets where returns can be as high as 250% in a single month.

To see just what I mean…

Yes… this is proof that Epsilon-5 makes cold hard cash for its owners.

But let’s delve a little deeper here, because you’re about to discover how Epsilon-5 can soon be doing the same for you…

You see, Kevin worked with me – a veteran retail trader – to create the system.

“Epsilon-5” works by analyzing each currency pair using “technical analysis”, which means analyzing a currency pair’s past price movements to accurately predict the future direction.

The various changes in price (when made into a chart) form what traders call “chart patterns” and it is exactly these price patterns that Epsilon-5 is looking for to predict future outcomes.

With Epsilon-5, You Might Just Say You’ve Got A Sixth Sense…

Armed with Epsilon-5, you’ll develop what professional traders call a “sixth sense”. A sort of “feel” for how the currency pairs will behave in any given situation.

Any currency pair – that displays the specific, secret pattern that Epsilon-5 look for – has a VERY good chance (up to 76.72%) of “breaking-out” and exploding drastically.

And any currency pair that reach this stage have been under close scrutiny and passed a variety of complex tests.

Epsilon-5 will then analyze the charts looking for the best entry point… with the lowest risk to potential reward.

Something ‘magical’ just happened…

In my very own basement the most accurate and most profitable forex trading system was created.

Trading system developers around the country had attempted this feat for years with no avail.

They lacked one crucial thing. They only had a basic grasp of currency trading. Let alone the complex thinking and analysis involved.

On that day, the 14th of September 2014, we signed a legally binding contract and swore ourselves to “secrecy”.

No one would know about Epsilon-5. Not my trading partners… not Kevin’s old colleagues… not ANYONE.

Within the next few days we rented a brand-new office where our new business was to be stationed. And we opened 5 trading accounts at the same time.

Back at the office Kevin and I put the system to work. Yes you guessed it…

5 Trading Accounts and 2 Geeks

We Were Setting Up A Lockup To Implement Epsilon-5… It Was To Analyze the Markets… 24 Hours a Day.

Epsilon-5 busily hummed away and analyzed all the important currency pairs… and just a few hours after that – we made our first few trades.

In fact, by this point we were so excited that we slept on the floor in the lockup, occasionally popping awake to watch to see if we could place any new trade according to Epsilon-5.

Kevin (this is the mathematician in him) has insisted I include some more details pertaining to our ‘masterpiece’… so here they are:

Requires VERY little of your investment. In fact, you can start with as little as $200.

Requires absolutely NO time commitment. It’s truly set-it and forget-it…

NO trading skills, NO experience, NO judgment required.

Anyone can see almost immediate RESULTS within minutes of starting.

Plenty of PROOF of what this system can do for you…

Below is just a few trades that Epsilon-5 System detected for us recently, and you can see just why Kevin and I were so darn excited — it was as if we could not lose with Epsilon-5.

And we had gone way beyond “proof of concept” into this UNDEFEATED forex trading system.

Now, while Epsilon-5 is extremely effective.. it is VERY easy-to-use and quick-to-implement.

Unlike others, we wanted ours to be extremely simple in design and usability so that it did not take a PhD in Aerospace Physics to use.

As explained above, Epsilon-5 is the first 6-figure mechanical forex trading system. And since its incredible introduction to a select group of beta-testers…

“Epsilon-5” Is Responsible For Making These 9 Lucky Traders Ridiculously RICH…

And because of this, a license to use Epsilon-5 is no “cheap date”.

In fact it costs these beta-testers $4,900 Per License.

And each person who purchases a license is invited to Kevin’s home for a week of personal training.

Now before you worry that this leaves you on the “outside” of all this excitement, stick with me on this because I’m about to tell you how you CAN benefit from Epsilon-5 without shelling out $4,900.

You see, we know that not many people have $4,900 to “risk” on buying a Forex Trading system.

And so we thought for weeks about how we could prove Epsilon-5 is everything I have explained in this letter, without giving it away on some sort of “trial basis”.

And our answer… well I think it will put a smile right on your face 🙂

Let’s Get Down To Brass Tacks:

Because with a trading system as accurate as Epsilon-5 is, most people expect us to have it priced in the thousands… $1,000, $2,000 or More.

Why not — it’s worth far more than that — obviously. But no… we developed this to HELP you… not to force you into debt.

So, there is NO way that I would ask that much of you, even though if you use it, you could make many times that in weeks or just days.

So, here’s the deal:

You see, by acting today, you can take advantage of our pre-release pricing, which is available for only a VERY limited time (no ploy, no false urgency, no BS).

This REALLY will be available at this rate for only a short time.

Because if you act right now, then Epsilon-5 – the most accurate and profitable system ever developed – is yours for a small one-off investment of $297.

That’s right… just $297 (one-time investment) puts this forex trading weapon in your hands instantly.

And better yet this token fee of $297 (that’s ONE TIME) will allow you to use Epsilon-5 for the lifetime.

These profits could be yours too…

Just take a look at a few of the trades Epsilon-5 has generated recently – imagine if you had implemented it then – and imagine the kinds of profits that you’re in for once you join us:

There is one more caveat though:

Epsilon-5 users are expected to report back to us on the profits they make every 3 months.

This data is further used to aid development of Epsilon-5 and only benefits you as a user because it helps to make you more money in the long run.

But Wait – This is IMPORTANT… Please Read:

This Offer Is NOT For Everybody.

In fact, we’re not even allowing most people to sign up. Why?

Because some people cannot cope with any type of loss whatsoever. And, even though Epsilon-5 could gain an average of 1,257 pips per week, and its users won with 76.72% winning trades over the past 6 years, that still leaves a few trades that did not win.

The system gets it wrong sometimes. And when it does, people lose money.

Some people think they will never lose when they follow Epsilon-5.

But the truth is, occasionally they will lose money. If you trade forex on a continuing basis, it is 100% certain you will experience losing trades every now and again.

So, if you’re the kind of person who is not emotionally stable enough to handle a loss then you are not allowed to enroll.

On the other hand, if you have the required amount of courage pumping through your veins… and… you are the kind of person who likes to take scientifically analyzed and carefully calculated risks, then this is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

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The Epsilon-5 System
The Epsilon-5 System


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