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Trade Booster Premium Expert Advisor 2.1

Boost your FOREX trading with Trade Booster Premium Expert Advisor. Automate for high profits. Advanced features. Effortless trading.


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Introducing Trade Booser Premium Expert Advisor – Automate Your Effortlessly!

Trade Booster Premium Expert Advisor () is specifically designed to automate FOREX trading on the MT4 Platform. With its advanced features and improved profitability compared to the previous version 1.0, it offers a powerful solution for seeking high-profit results.

This robot brings significant enhancements, allowing you to expect approximately 400 to 500 pips of profit on a weekly basis. However, the actual pips may vary depending on market volatility and movement.

How It Works

This expert advisor (EA) operates based on various factors:

  • Strength: Analyzes the strength of the market.
  • HL (High & Low): Considers the high and low of the previous day and current day candle.
  • TREND Confirmation: Verifies the trend direction.
  • MOMENTUM Confirmation: Checks momentum across different time frames.
  • Advanced Currency Meter version 4.0: Utilizes the latest currency meter for confirmation.


The updated version introduces several new features. Let's take a closer look:

  • Target Profit of the Session: Sets the target profit for the running trades.
  • Target Profit in Money($): Determines the target profit in USD for the current trades.
  • Delay Gap: Sets a time gap between consecutive target profit hits.
  • Delay Gap After Profit in Minutes: Determines the delay gap in minutes after hitting the target profit.
  • Daily Profit: Sets a daily profit target.
  • Daily Target in Money($): Determines the daily profit target in USD.
  • Lot Size: Configures the lot size based on your equity range.
  • Max trades per pair: Specifies the number of trades to execute from a currency pair.
  • TrailStop: Enables a trailing stop for your trades.
  • Takeprofit and Stoploss: Sets the take profit and stop loss values.
  • User's Trading Session: Allows customization of the trading session start and end timings.
  • X & Y-Axis and Background_Color: Enables customization of the EA's appearance.

How It Works (Continued)

  • Confirmation Process: The EA checks strength, HL, trend, momentum, and advanced currency meter confirmations. All confirmations must align for the EA to place trades.
  • Advanced Currency Meter Version 4.0: Provides valuable insights into currency trends and changes.
  • Trade Placement: After obtaining all the necessary confirmations, the EA executes buy or sell trades.
  • Max Profit, Max Loss, and Target Profit: The EA displays maximum profit and loss values for the current trades, along with the target profit specified in the parameters.
  • Easy Setup: Simply drag and drop the EA onto your chosen chart and enable Auto Trading mode in MT4. The EA will take care of everything, automatically executing trades when it receives signals from all five confirmations.

Experience the of automation with TRADE BOOSTER Premium Expert Advisor and streamline your FOREX trading with ease and efficiency!

Specification: Trade Booster Premium Expert Advisor 2.1

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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What You’ll Get:

TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA.ex4 V2.0


Trade Booster Premium Expert Advisor 2.1
Trade Booster Premium Expert Advisor 2.1


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