TRD Robot (Russian Language)


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TRD Robot is a trading advisor. It is fully automated, you only need to install it according to the manual, choose the risks and enjoy the profit growth.

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Lowest possible profitability with TRD robot from  96% ANNUAL


TRD Robot is a fully automated…forex trading advisor

Process automation

Our trading robot is fully automated, you only need to install it according to the instructions, choose the risks and enjoy the profit growth

Constant adaptation to the market

TRD is the only adviser on the market that constantly analyzes the current situation and adjusts to trading based on the volatility of the pair

Guaranteed Minimum Income

TRD has passed dozens of different tests and has a guaranteed minimum monthly return. It is also possible to adjust the risks, choose a conservatively low or high mode, it depends only on you

Tech Chat

Yes, we are always in touch with our partners and are always ready to help, explain or suggest something. For this, there are 2 TRD chats – technical and amateur, every day replenished with like-minded people.

Sergey Smalev


My acquaintance with the Forex market was accidental many years ago. I, like many then, saw a loud advertisement about large incomes on one of the billboards in my city. The advertisement didn’t deceive, the profit can really be huge, but it simply didn’t tell about the risks that trading on the exchange carries with it and that you need to know a little more than just set the adviser on the chart. Now the topic of trading advisers has become more popular than ever, they flooded the market with bright advertising, and the disadvantages remained the same. While working on the creation of our adviser, we aimed to protect you as much as possible when you first enter the territory of an unknown, as I once was. TRD is the experience of many years of trading in the foreign exchange market, which has incorporated the best of the known to date. We are always open to new ideas and believe that we can give people a reliable source of additional income. Investing is a task that requires certain knowledge, skills and dexterity, the TRD adviser and our team are ready to give them to you.


We are constantly updating the EA and are…always open to new ideas.

Uses 5 strategies at the same time to minimize risk

The only adviser on the market who is not afraid of trends and himself analyzes the volatility of a traded instrument

Proven by tests and time: TRD is able to withstand the most severe fluctuations in the market over the past 20 years.

It is protected from a complete loss of the deposit by automatically turning off the trade and the ability to configure the fix

Intuitive control panel and minimum possible settings

Continuous online support and communication with developers

Advisor independently conducts more than 50 profitable trades per day


The first prototype of the future TRD Expert Advisor was created. Used exclusively for investment accounts

September 2017

Announcement of the first version of the TRD robot. The first owners were friends and acquaintances.

March 2018

The release of the updated version with a…new type of profit taking

January 2019

Added the ability to select trading periods – continuous or by bars

February 2019

Developed and implemented the author's system for determining trend movements

April 2019

Added option to automatically configure trading based on the volatility of the pair….Combining all the strategies together

May 2019

We divided the robot into 2 versions – for…amateurs and professionals….Added the ability to draw…margin levels on the chart….Adaptive lot multiplier added

July 2019

A new trading mode has been added – for calculated dynamic ranges….It was also possible to enable sequential switching of trading modes by drawdowns on the pair.

September 2019

For owners of the TRD robot, all future updates are forever FREE!


When in the fall of 2016 the idea arose for the first time to search for the “Grail” among all the robots in the Forex market, which there are so many now, our team successfully engaged in managing investment accounts. The search led to the fact that the colorful advertising of each adviser promised mountains of gold, and as a result – even minimal tests on the history of past years did not pass. Dissatisfaction with this state of affairs has given rise to the desire to create for you something unique, something exceptional, withstanding the most powerful peals in the currency market and at the same time stably generating profit. We added various signals, entry points, types of fixations, developed a system for determining the trend movements of the market, set up filtering for market entry, and then combined everything into a single structure. The main goal was to minimize risks while maintaining the desired profitability,

Regards, TRD Team

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Expert Advisor: TRD Ultra.ex4 (Unlimited)
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TRD Robot (Russian Language)
TRD Robot (Russian Language)
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