Ultron Trading Advisor 3.7


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Ultron Trading Advisor is based on 4 Moving Average indicators with different periods and a trailing stop function for trading on the GBPUSD currency pair, H1 timeframe

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The initial version of the Ultron trading advisor is positioned as a robot for trading on the GBPUSD currency pair , H1 timeframe. The EA is based on 4 Moving Average indicators with different periods and a trailing stop function.

Forex Advisor Ultron Lite 3.7m

For trading, the time range between the European (London) and American sessions (New York) is used, therefore it is important to adjust the settings depending on the server time of the broker used.

Advisor has been finalized to version Ultron Lite 3.7m. In particular, the second version of the trailing stop was implemented – when the price reaches the take profit level, the transaction does not close, but the trailing stop is turned on, which works until the price either returns to the take profit value or reaches the level at which provides for closing a trailing stop order. The discussion of the robot is conducted in this forum thread.

Advisor Testing

The Ultron Lite 3.7m Expert Advisor was tested on a demo account with the second type of trailing stop and the following settings:

  • TP = 35
  • SL = 70
  • OpenHour = 10 (for GMT + 3)
  • CloseHour = 23 (for GMT + 3)
  • Trailing = true
  • Tralling_from_Profit = true
  • Riskiskat = 10
  • TrailingStop = 4
  • TrailingStep = 2

For work, we take a very small working deposit – $ 300. Typically, this amount is used by traders to start to check the advisor. Further, as the deposit grows, it is possible to reinvest or return on investment and trade for profit.

>> Testing of the Ultron Lite 3.7m adviser is carried out on the quotes of the GrandCapital broker:


Since the EA was originally intended for the GBPUSD pair, testing was carried out on it, on the H1 timeframe. The results were truly fantastic. In just over six months, the Ultron Lite 3.7m Expert Advisor increased the initial deposit by more than two times. And this, given the modest initial deposit, the ratio of profitable and loss-making transactions and continuous losses and wins.

Forex Advisor Ultron Lite 3.7m on GBPUSD


It was decided to check the Ultron Lite 3.7m advisor in working on the EURUSD pair. Despite the fact that profit was nevertheless obtained, the test results were somewhat more modest than in the pair pound / dollar with the same settings.

Forex Advisor Ultron Lite 3.7m on EURUSD


Forex Advisor Ultron Lite 3.7m on EURGBP

For the “purity of the experiment”, the Ultron Lite 3.7m Expert Advisor was tested on other pairs with the pound sterling – EURGBP and GBPJPY.

  • In the EURGBP pair, the Ultron Lite 3.7m advisor also made a profit, but showed a rather large drawdown (28.78%).
  • On GBPJPY, the Ultron Lite 3.7m Expert Advisor with the above parameters did not open any deals for the test period.


Summing up, we can say that the trading adviser Ultron Lite 3.7m, despite the apparent primitiveness, is working and can be profitable. However, the template set of settings for the adviser will not work – for each currency pair its own parameters are required.

We will be monitoring the version of the EA only for GBPUSD for $ 300. We will observe how successful it is to double the deposit.

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