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VEGA AK47 Expert Advisor 10.0

The VEGA AK47 Expert Advisor is a precision trading tool with over 3,500 successful trades. It boasts an accumulation of 3,746.8 pips, with an average win of 6.20 pips or €0.79. Impressively, long trades succeed at 78%, and short trades at 85%. Advanced metrics, like a Sharpe ratio of 0.08 and a Z-score of -18.29, underscore its efficiency and reliability.


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Introducing the VEGA AK47

Unlock your potential with the VEGA AK47 Expert Advisor. Precision-designed, this boasts stellar performance statistics and a track record of impressive trades. With over 3,500 trades, it has proven its mettle in the trading world.

The profitability metric stands out, as the advisor consistently yields positive returns. This is underscored by an accumulation of 3,746.8 pips. For every trade on average, it wins 6.20 pips or €0.79 and manages to restrict losses to an average of 25.27 pips or €2.39.

Diving into the details, the VEGA AK47 has handled 41.86 lots, keeping commissions at a manageable -€247.18. The rate of long trades sits at a remarkable 78%, while short trades boast an even higher win rate of 85%.

Highlight trades offer a snapshot into its capabilities. On June 17, the advisor achieved a substantial profit of €78.11, while on the same day, it demonstrated its risk management by limiting losses to just -€21.15. Pips too have their moments of glory; a notable 67.5 pips were earned on March 07.

Advanced trading metrics provide deeper insights. On average, trades span 11 hours 35 minutes, striking a balance between quick trades and long-haul gains. Risk is well-managed with a Sharpe ratio of 0.08 and a standard deviation of €3.564. The Z-score, at -18.29, indicates a near certainty with a probability of 99.99%. Furthermore, the advisor ensures that each trade on average brings in an expectancy of 1.0 pips or €0.27.

Key Features:

  • Over 3,500 trades with consistent profitability.
  • Accumulation of 3,746.8 pips.
  • 78% success in long trades and 85% in short trades.
  • Average trade duration of 11 hours 35 minutes.
  • Advanced risk metrics and positive trade expectancy.

With the VEGA AK47 Expert Advisor, elevate your trading game to unparalleled heights.

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VEGA AK47 Expert Advisor 10.0
VEGA AK47 Expert Advisor 10.0


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