VVS Academy – Order Flow Course

People often come up with reasons why trading isn’t right for them, we’ll show you that anyone can profit with VVS Academy – Order Flow Course!


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Don’t Think Trading is Right for You? THINK AGAIN!

People often come up with reasons why trading isn’t right for them, we’ll show you that anyone can profit with our system!

“I have no trading experience. You don’t need any! Our system is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a profitable trader with a proven path to success. Our course includes over 100 ultra HD videos to explain each piece of the trading puzzle. We’ll be there every step of the way!”

Jahden Nguyen
“Blake has provided an insurmountable amount of value to me with trading on the financial markets. He definitely knows the ins and outs of the markets and has shed light on the mistakes that most traders make. Since I have known Blake he has definitely helped catapult my trading game into what it is now!”
Josh Olswalski
“I started trading in 2019 with little experience and got wiped out in market crash March 2020. Then I read about Elliott Wave Theory and it piques my interest. However, I have nobody to discuss or verify my understanding of the theory, so I decided to try out several service provider but unfortunately the results were still disappointing. One day I came across Blake’s video on YouTube and found out about VVS academy. I was skeptical at first, so I took a trade with Blake’s free signal. It turned out to be the best trade since I started trading with almost 70% gain (trading SP500 on Forex.com with leverage) in couple days on one single trade. Blake has been a great mentor on my trading journey, he is persistent, passionate and highly knowledgeable about Elliott Wave Theory. VVS Academy provides with a series of educational video to help the beginner to get started, and weekly interactive live meeting hosted by Blake to analyze the current market. Blake will also promptly respond to all the question posted on Slack. In conclusion, if you want to become part of the 5% of traders who make consistent profits, I recommend VVS Academy without second thought!”
Jason Zhang
“Blake is an awesome teacher! I learned a lot about Forex from him, he keeps it realistic and helps people become consistently profitable traders.”
Nick Masil
“Today its a big day and huge step forward in trading career. I want to say thank you to Augusto, Blake and everyone who supported me on my development. A big step has been made and I am ready to continue this story, I know that for many of you this challenge its not so much, but for me its BIG (if you can make $1 you can make 1 million more).”
Denisa Mihaela
“Some of the best instructors and signal providers on the market. Came for the signals, but stayed for the strategies. Make your own future, I’m making mine.”
Anton Calmes
“Ever since I joined VVS my whole outlook on the market has changed. Everything started to click. The community is awesome, and filled with like minded people willing to help one another. The course material is filled with everything you could think of when it comes to trading. The daily live trading sessions with Augusto are amazing. I learn something new every time, and they give you that extra confidence when you are trading. This is the best group I have been apart of by far!”
Hikmat El Amine
“I just wanted to say thank you Augusto Iadanza and Blake for this opportunity to learn here. I used to trade exclusively with Ichimoku and Divergencies on momentum and this is a huge huge improvement I am seeing in my trading. No indicators were harmed during these trades. Not only that I don`t use them anymore, but I also don`t even feel the need to. Great journey so far. Thankyou all!!!”
Radu Stanit

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Modules: 63 Mini Trading Videos (5 – 15 minutes each.)

  1. Smart Money
  2. Restructured smart Money
  3. Mindset and Elliot Wave Introduction
  4. Advanced Elliot Wave And Fun Trading Styles
  5. Intermediate Trading Styles
  6. Bonus Educational Videos
VVS Academy – Order Flow Course


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