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Hello guys, I’m the software developer of XNeuron Pro.

First of all, I’d like to advise you that I already caught one person sharing my EA for free on this forum, and I’m already taking legal action against her, so think twice before you do anything stupid. I’m a severe EA developer, and to use my EA, you need to sign a contract before you purchase. Read the agreement.

With that said, I understand your skepticism, but I don’t understand people calling the EA a scam before even attempting to use it. Let’s clarify a few points here… and this is important to all folks who are interested in purchasing the EA and the ones who already bought it:

1) Yes, my EA is very complicated. Remember that we’re dealing with algorithmic trading here. We’re not trying to bake a cake. You need to understand that actual algorithmic trading is a little more complicated than pressing a button and starting to make thousands of dollars overnight. This whole idea involving specific settings is obsolete because it assumes there is ONE combination of parameters that serves ALL market scenarios, which is absurd. More on that later…

2) The videos on YouTube are an extreme demonstration of the EA in performance peaks, and yes, the backtests don’t show long-term results for an excellent reason. Specific combinations of parameters don’t last very long in the markets because markets are highly dynamic. In other words, the so-called “settings” that you people in internet forums seem to worship don’t last very long in the market. Stop looking for set files and go after information on how the parameters work.

3) That happens because of the temporal unpredictability of exploitable market patterns. In other words, the exploitable market patterns that any EA can recognize and exploit change their microstructure without warning. That’s the most challenging thing about algorithmic trading today. It’s THE most difficult aspect of all of this.

4) Think about it a little bit. If an EA was able to produce long-term profits with ONE combination of settings, the developer of this EA should win the Nobel prize in economics to discover the financial singularity. I don’t offer easy solutions, and I never said I did. That’s explicitly outlined in the End-User License Agreement that I show to all potential customers before purchasing the EA. I do that so everyone can make an educated decision about this. If you don’t like the EA’s way, you can decline the agreement and look for something else. By the way, if you are looking for a simple solution. Good luck with that because you’re going to need it.

5) The current scenario we have today is called Hybrid Trading, where users and algorithms need to maintain a high degree of interaction to keep things running smoothly. They have programmers and a team of people in significant quant funds to interact with the algorithms. If this “set file” idea that you all have been accurate, there would be only the algorithm, and all these people that need to interact with it would make money while they go to lunch or sleep. In other words, algorithmic trading is a constant struggle. Some might say that it is more complex than manual trading, which is ironic because it was precisely the difficulty of manual trading that inspired automated trading in the first place.

6) Some of you have difficulty understanding the difference between a poorly executed backtest and a 99.9% modeling quality backtest. Backtests got a bad reputation in the first place because a lot of people that didn’t know what they were doing started to post backtests on YouTube. MetaTrader4 has a fundamental problem where real ticks are not stored in the History Tester. When you attempt to perform a backtest, the Strategy Tester uses interpolation to SIMULATE the ticks. This produces misleading backtests. No wonder people stopped trusting poorly executed backtests.

7) The solution to this “tick interpolation” problem is to import high-quality tick data into MetaTrader4 to produce the industry standard 99.9% modeling quality backtests.

8) The 99.9% modeling quality backtest considers all the peculiarities of live trading like variable spread, variable slippage, fast-moving markets, etc. They’re an effective way to test and build the EAs. If you don’t trust a true backtest, you shouldn’t use MetaTrader4.

9) Why does the EA need to be so complicated? Well, there is a famous paradox in finance called Bonini’s Paradox, and it goes like this: “Any formula (algorithm) that attempts to describe a complex system (markets) becomes less and less understandable as it becomes more and more complete.” In other words, you CAN NOT describe the market with a simple set of rules, system, set file, or whatever simplistic formula you want. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Chaos theory also contributes to this idea by claiming that a chaotic system like the markets is not messy. They have a higher “degree” of order.

10) That brings me to the use of Artificial Intelligence in robots. Most of the EAs you see online are scams because they use static programming, meaning that they’re simply a set of rules programmed by a software developer. These robots have no learning potential or adaptability potential. That’s a problem because the markets change, and the robots don’t. Artificial intelligence techniques like ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks), Genetic Algorithms, and Fuzzy Logic introduce SOME degree of learning potential inside a computer program.

11) Does this mean the algorithms will be able to trade entirely by themselves? No. It means the EAs will be able to provide a set of adaptability features that will enable the user to use the EA in the long term. However, that can only happen if you know how to operate the parameters of the EA. There is a difference between AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence). By assuming you’ll find a ONE set file that works forever with an EA, you’re thinking you’re dealing with an AGI, which doesn’t exist. EAs, at best, can be ANI. In other words, the EA can be “superhuman” in one specific task, but it will still need the correct starting point from the user. That’s why you need to learn what each parameter does contextually in the market instead of looking for easy answers in the form of set files.

12) I don’t offer demos because if you want to succeed with this, you’ll need to put some time and effort into it. Depending on your level of experience, you’ll need to put a LOT of time and effort into studying all these things. I’m interested in sharing the EA with people who already have background information on the topic. Again, I say that explicitly in the End-User License Agreement BEFORE anyone can purchase. If you don’t have this information or don’t like the way all of this works. Don’t buy the EA. I won’t simply give away my software to people who don’t care about it. I just won’t.

13) The only reason why I charge $99 is to filter out the “tire-kickers” who are looking for easy answers like a few people I see in this forum. I’m not charging enough. There is an opportunity cost here. Instead of discussing my EA with people who have a better idea of what they’re doing, I don’t want to waste my time explaining what a backtest is to people who want simple solutions to quitting their day jobs (no offense to any of you, please).

14) Before calling someone else’s work a “scam,” please have the decency to study more about the subjects.

15) You can spend one lifetime looking for settings and failing if you don’t know what you’re doing. The only proper way of doing this is by learning how the parameters work.

16) If you are looking for an easy answer to make money, here’s some advice from more than a decade of research in algorithmic trading, the financial markets, behavioral economics, and AI: Stop looking for easy answers. They DO NOT exist. The only way to achieve success is through knowledge. How many of you here have wasted money on scams? I’m guessing most of you have, so take that advice, and you’ll save a lot of time, money, and effort.

17) I have external links that prove what I’m saying here, but the forum doesn’t let me post links yet.

18) Before blaming someone else’s work for your failures or frustrations, do a reality check and look at yourself first.

Thank you very much for those who have had the patience to read this until the end.

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