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To All Forex Traders Seeking Success,

My team and I finally released the Wizard Forex System. Well, I should first introduce myself. My name is Joe Donaldson. I have been in this trading business for about 12 years. I never thought I would come up this far when I started because, just like you, I was under the impression that trading was some impossible thing to do… well after lots of practice, research, learning, and much more, I can tell you that it’s not impossible. In fact, YES, you can make profits in forex!!

I joined up with other forex traders around in the late nineties, and we decided to put our heads together and come up with the most accurate ways of making profits in forex. We also wanted to make sure that any trader could use it, too, for example, if you are starting out being a trader and don’t have much experience. No problem, this system is perfect for newbies as well!

We discovered a trading method that makes profits and makes them in a very easy fashion. We called it the Wizard Forex System.


Let's take a closer look…



Identify Trends With COLOR!






This EUR/USD sell signal ended in a +87 pips profit. When the alert showed, the market went down perfectly. All candles were bearish in this case.



The sell signal on the GBP/USD went into a +155 pips profit! Although you do not necessarily have to wait until this amount of pips, you can exit at +30 or +60, but the trade went down to +155 pips based on the entry. Very good for a single trade!



The buy signal for the USD/CHF on the H4 time frame was truly unique. Looking at the chart above, you might think that the +134 pips profit was from the arrow to the top of the chart, but actually, the +134 pip profit was on the FIRST CANDLE ALONE!! Yes, so technically, if we had kept the trade open and aimed for the top peak of the chart, this would have been a 300+ pip or more profit! Once again, you can exit earlier. This specific trade was a long-term one.



This snapshot was taken DURING THE LIVE TRADE! A buy signal was given on the USD/CAD, and the trade went into a +159 pips profit and is STILL open and running. The market will likely make even more profit.




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See what people are saying…

This System Proved Accurate…

I have been trading for more than six years, and I needed something profitable for my style. The Wizard Forex system was the best solution for me.

TEDDY MING from Hong Kong

Amazing! I Made +306 on The First Day!

My wife and I just moved into a new house. I needed a second source of income. My friend recommended this system to me, and I am amazed. Best choice I’ve made since deciding to trade Forex.


Easily The Best System For Traders…

I’m a lawyer, and I have limited time to trade. I turned to this Wizard Forex System, and I was shocked at how profitable it is. This system is worth it for all types of forex traders out there!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which currency pairs work with the Wizard Forex System?

All pairs will work just fine. It’s best to stick with the main currency pairs since spread will not be an issue. But to answer the question, yes, it will work on all currency pairs.

I want to use this system for scalping, can I use it?

Yes, the Wizard Forex System will work for scalping and any other trading style.

Which time frames will work with this system?

Any time frame!

Can I use my existing indicators with this system to act as more confirmation?

Yes, you can do this; however, make sure that the priority is the Wizard Forex System.

How will the Wizard Forex System alert me?

You will receive Audio Alerts and have the option of using E-mail alerts as well.

Will I receive arrow alerts?

Yes, when you receive an alert, an arrow will show on the same candle at the same time of that particular alert.

If I need help setting up, will you help me?

Yes, of course. We can walk you through the installation process step by step, or we can install it for you remotely. No problem.

Let me tell you; the Wizard Forex System is just what you need! It’s super simple, and a forex system like this is rare to come by. Since I have been trading for decades, I can guarantee you that if you don’t have the right tools in forex, you will have a tough time. With the right tools, however, you will have a PROFITABLE experience.

One of my close friends challenged me and thought I was nuts when I told him about this. Today, he is now one of my partners. To him, this was an awesome surprise!

With the Wizard Forex System, you can be the type of trader YOU are today and can still PROFIT! So you can be a lazy trader, an active trader, or even a beginner trader, and the benefits of this system are tremendous.


You'll Love This System!

Refund Policy: We will refund you within seven days if you receive the wrong product or our server has connectivity issues. You have seven days to report it. Contact us within seven days, and we will refund your purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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Take Action WHILE YOU Can…This Offer May Not Last!!


Get this system today, and it’s yours for LIFE: no monthly fees or additional fees. Your license will be valid forever.

For a forex system that makes money, waiting is not something you should do. Time is special and should not be wasted.

You NEED to get this system RIGHT NOW! There are lots of pips that are waiting for YOU to grab!

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