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Auto Elliott Waves Indicator

Unlock efficient trading with the Auto Elliott Waves Indicator for MT4. This tool automatically detects and plots Elliott Waves on your chart, merging automation with customization. Suitable for various assets and timeframes, it contains an advanced dashboard and features like multi-timeframe display, divergence oscillators, and adjustable parameters.


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Auto Elliott Waves Indicator for MT4

Experience seamless with an MT4 Indicator that automatically plots Elliott Waves on your chart. This tool boasts a blend of automation and customization, offering both ease and control.

Key Features:

  • Fully and Semi-Automatic Waves detection.
  • Suitable for , Cryptos, Stocks, and more.
  • Can be applied to any time frame.
  • Over 100 adjustable input parameters.
  • Comprehensive and customizable dashboard.
  • Features like Automatic Money Management, Multi-Time Frame Display, and Divergence-Oscillators.

Elliott Waves Explained

Elliott Waves, developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott, dissect market movements into patterns, called waves, based on investor psychology. Two main types are:

  1. Impulse Waves: Five waves, aligned with the major trend.
  2. Corrective Waves: Three waves, against the major trend.

These waves make up a cycle, which continues repeatedly. Recognizing this cycle helps in predicting market directions.

Elliott Waves in Forex Trading

Forex traders employ Elliott Wave Theory to:

  • Classify market cycles and trends.
  • Forecast potential price movements.
  • Identify optimal entry and exit points.
  • Enhance risk management.

While potent, the Elliott Wave Theory has a steep learning curve and should be used alongside other trading tools.

Dashboard and Customization

This Indicator's dashboard offers flexibility and a plethora of customization . With over 100 adjustable parameters, traders can fine-tune to their strategy's needs. From altering data display to setting personal alerts, the dashboard can be tailored to enhance trading efficiency.

Standout Features of Auto Elliott Waves Indicator

This software edges its competitors with functionalities such as:

  • Automatic risk-reward ratio management.
  • Alert-enabled multi-timeframe and multi-currency wave display.
  • Comprehensive mini charts with various technical indicators.
  • Options of four oscillators for multi-time frame divergence.
  • A feature to measure the correlation between trading pairs.
  • Trading and Fibonacci levels creation.
  • A tool calculating average price movement between fractal highs and lows.
  • Provision of internal levels for main trading levels.

Auto Elliott Waves Indicator is a game-changer, blending functionality with adaptability. Suitable for traders of all experience levels, it revolutionizes trading technology, facilitating swift and informed trading decisions.

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Technical Indicator



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Metatrader 4

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