Bird Forex Trading Robot 1.8


The Bird Forex Trading Robot is an advanced expert advisor that leverages a unique algorithm to analyze market trends and execute trades with precision. It’s designed for both new and experienced traders, offering customizable settings and robust risk management tools to enhance trading strategies in various currency pairs on the H1 timeframe.


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Bird Trading Robot: Unleash the Power of Automated Forex Trading

Embark on a journey to financial with the Bird Forex Trading Robot, a cutting-edge expert advisor that transforms your forex trading experience. By integrating a sophisticated algorithm for market analysis, this robot offers a dynamic and intelligent to trading. Designed for both beginners and experienced , the Bird Forex Trading Robot is a game-changer in the forex market.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Algorithm: Expertly crafted for efficient market analysis.
  • Adaptive Trading Strategy: Tailors to market changes for peak performance.
  • Low Capital Requirement: Effective with $1000, optimal at $3000.
  • Robust Money Management: for fixed and deposit-dependent lots.
  • Customizable Settings: Fine-tune your strategy with various parameters.
  • Advanced Risk Management: Features like stop loss and take profit for security.
  • Multi-Currency Pair Compatibility: Versatile across pairs on the H1 timeframe.
  • Optimized for 1:100 Leverage: Ideal leverage setting for diverse strategies.

Sophisticated Trading Algorithm

At its core, the Bird Forex Trading Robot leverages a unique algorithm that scrutinizes market trends, comparing current prices against historical data to gauge price movement strength and amplitude. This process is vital for pinpointing trend reversals and executing trades at the right moment.

The robot incorporates an internal system for detecting overbought or oversold conditions. It purchases when signals go below a certain level and then exceed it, provided the main signal system concurs. Similarly, it sells when signals exceed and then fall below a predetermined threshold, in alignment with the main signal's directives.

Enhanced Performance with DigitalForex VPS

For optimal performance, it's advisable to run the Bird Forex Trading Robot on DigitalForex VPS. This Virtual Private Server ensures a reliable, high-speed, and secure platform, enabling uninterrupted operation of the robot, crucial for maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in trading.

Customization through Parameters

The Bird Forex Trading Robot offers an array of parameters, allowing you to customize its operation to suit your trading style. These settings are pivotal in creating a conducive trading environment that resonates with your preferences and strategies.

  • MagicNumber: Helps distinguish your orders from others.
  • FixLot: Sets a predetermined lot size.
  • Money Management On: Enables adaptive lot sizing based on your deposit.
  • CountSeria: Defines the number of trades in a sequence.
  • TakeProfit and StopLoss: Sets your profit targets and loss limits.
  • vTakeProfit and vStopLoss: Establishes virtual thresholds for profits and losses.
  • trStart, trStop**: Adjusts trailing stop settings.
  • LengthJAW, LengthTEETH, LengthLIPS, LengthDECVIATION, CountWARP**: Fine-tunes the trading algorithm.

Advanced Money Management Features

The Bird Forex Trading Robot is equipped with state-of-the-art money management capabilities. You can choose between a fixed lot or a lot size that varies with your deposit, providing flexibility in aligning the robot's operation with your financial strategies.

Robust Risk Management

Risk management is a cornerstone of the Bird Forex Trading Robot's design. Incorporating stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop features, it ensures that your trades are safeguarded, reducing potential losses while maximizing possible gains.

Compatibility with Various Currency Pairs

This robot is not limited to a single currency pair. It works effectively across different pairs on the H1 timeframe, providing you with a wide range of trading opportunities. This versatility is essential for traders looking to diversify their portfolio.

Optimized for Different Trading Environments

Whether you're trading with a leverage of 1:100 or other settings, the Bird Forex Trading Robot is optimized to adapt to various trading environments. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for traders with different risk appetites and strategies.

User-Friendly Interface

The Bird Forex Trading Robot boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for traders of all levels to navigate and utilize its features. This accessibility ensures that you can focus on your trading strategies without being bogged down by complex technicalities.

Reliable and Consistent Performance

With its advanced algorithm and robust features, the Bird Forex Trading Robot delivers reliable and consistent performance. This consistency is crucial in the volatile forex market, providing traders with the confidence to make informed decisions.

24/5 Trading Capabilities

One of the significant advantages of the Bird Forex Trading Robot is its ability to trade 24/5. This round-the-clock operation ensures you never miss out on lucrative trading opportunities, maximizing your potential for profits.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to Advanced Forex Trading

The Bird Forex Trading Robot represents a new era in forex trading, offering a blend of advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and robust trading strategies. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting, this expert advisor is designed to elevate your trading journey, providing a reliable, efficient, and profitable trading experience. Embrace the future of forex trading with the Bird Forex Trading Robot and unlock your potential in the global currency market.

Specification: Bird Forex Trading Robot 1.8

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Expert Advisor



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Metatrader 4


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