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Milliontrader Huracan Trading Indicator 2.0

The MillionTrader Huracan is an advanced trading indicator, combining AI-driven accuracy with consistent trend detection. Tailored for all trader backgrounds, it offers swift loading, smartphone notifications via MetaTrader 4, and versatile trading across currency pairs and metals.


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MillionTrader Huracan: The Advanced Trading

Months of dedication result in this standout indicator. The Milliontrader Huracan Trading Indicator takes trading to new heights.

Efficiency Meets Intelligence

This semi- aims to make trading profitable for traders from all backgrounds. An integrated AI algorithm reduces false , promising better accuracy.

Superior Trend Detection

Trading remains straightforward with intuitive trend detection. Arrows offer unmatched stability—no repainting or backpainting. Once a candle gets an arrow, it stays. As a bonus, a trend indicator comes free. See the trend of any pair, any timeframe instantly. Manually plotting trendlines becomes a thing of the past. This helps in making swift, informed decisions.

Powerful Indicator Combo

Combine both indicators for amplified benefits. The Milliontrader Huracan optimizes potential profits and excels in ranging markets. The lookback bars filter ensures the indicator loads in a snap.

Stay Notified On-The-Go

Enjoy push notifications directly on a smartphone. With Metatrader 4 app configuration, staying updated becomes effortless.

Versatility At Its Best

The capability to trade diverse currency pairs and metals sets it apart. The unique Gold_Mode ensures adaptability with , metals, and certain currency pairs.

Key Features:

  • AI integration for reduced false signals
  • Consistent trend detection
  • Complimentary trend indicator
  • Rapid indicator loading
  • Push notifications for Metatrader 4
  • Trades across various pairs and metals
  • Exclusive Gold_Mode

Experience trading like never before with MillionTrader Huracan.

Specification: Milliontrader Huracan Trading Indicator 2.0

Product Type

Technical Indicator



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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Milliontrader Huracan Trading Indicator 2.0
Milliontrader Huracan Trading Indicator 2.0


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