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News Catcher Pro 3.34

Introducing News Catcher Pro, your ultimate trading algorithm designed for optimal performance around high-impact news events. Utilizing a mean-reversion strategy, it times the market perfectly by entering just before news events and supports key currency pairs like GBPUSD, EURUSD, and EURGBP.


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Harness the Power of Timing with News Catcher Pro

Meet News Catcher Pro, your go-to algorithm for capitalizing on market volatility around high-impact news events. With its smart mean-reversion strategy, this EA (Expert Advisor) seizes the right moment to enter the market just before a significant news event shakes things up.

Key Supported Currency Pairs:


Optimal Timeframe: M5
FIFO Compatibility: Yes

To get the most accurate backtests, the ‘NewsEvents.txt' data file and place it in the ‘Common\Files' directory in your MT4/5 terminal. You can find this data file in the Comments section.

Feature-Rich for Robust Performance

  • One-Chart Setup: Trade multiple currency pairs using just one chart.
  • Advanced News Filter: Easily filter news events even in Strategy Tester.
  • Auto GMT Detection: Eliminates manual time adjustments.
  • Self Diagnostic : Keeps the EA running at optimal performance.

Backtests work best with Tick Data Suite GMT+2, which aligns with the settings most brokers use.

Installation Guidelines

Attach the EA to a single M5 chart, preferably EURUSD. If your broker uses a suffix like EURUSD.a, simply update the ‘Symbol' parameter to match. No need for separate .set files—all settings are internally stored in the EA.

For news filter and GMT detection, please allow web requests to:

1. ec.forexprostools.com
2. www.worldtimeserver.com
3. timesrv.online

System Requirements

For smooth operation, run the EA on a VPS continuously. A reliable ECN broker is also advisable for optimal results.

Tailor Your Trading Settings

  • Allow Opening New Trades: Toggle on or off.
  • Lot-sizing Method: Choose among Fixed Lots, Dynamic Lots, or Max Risk per Trade.
  • Fixed/Dynamic/Maximum Lot: Customize your lot sizes for greater control.
  • Maximum Spread/Slippage: Set limits to maintain trading standards.
  • Max Symbols & Currencies: Set the number of symbols and currencies you can trade simultaneously.

Strategy Customization

List pairs you want to trade, separated by commas. If your broker uses suffixes, include them. You can adjust parameters such as the PCh Period, ATR Period, and Position Time Stop for a more tailored experience.

  • Hour to Stop Trading on Friday: Specify when to close all positions on Friday.
  • Holiday Filters: Opt to filter out Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • TakeProfit/StopLoss Settings: Adjust according to %ATR.


  • Trade Comment: Add comments to your trades.
  • UID: Set a unique EA instance number if needed.
  • Info Panel: Toggle on or off.
  • Manual GMT Setting: Disable automatic GMT detection and set manually if required.

With News Catcher Pro, you not only get a versatile EA but also a fully customizable trading experience, designed to suit your risk profile and trading preferences. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to smart, news-driven trading.

Specification: News Catcher Pro 3.34

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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