Forex Ultra Blue Trading System

Forex Ultra Blue Trading System Is Perfect For Beginners And Advanced Traders. More Millionaires Are Made Using Ultra Blue Forex Than Any Other System


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Forex Ultra Blue Trading System Makes Trading As Simple And Profitable As It Can Be. Grow Your Account EASIER and FASTER!

Forex Ultra Blue Trading System Is Perfect For Beginners And Advanced Traders. More Millionaires Are Made Using Ultra Blue Forex Than Any Other System!

Check out this account statement of Grant Willox. With Ultra Blue Forex, he turned $9334.21 into $1,002,861.31 in 6 Months!

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** These results are not typical, but they are achievable with the tools in Ultra Blue Forex.

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To grow your account as fast as possible, you’ll get:

  • A professional Forex system that is simple and easy to use.
  • A system that has been refined for 20 years.
  • A system that has an 88.91% win ratio.
  • Additional trading systems that meet your requirements.
  • A mentor is actually around to help you when needed.
  • A mentor that can show you how to trade the system.
  • Regular update video that shows you what trades you should be looking to trade and what trades to avoid.
  • A friendly community where you can ask your questions.
  • Constant Forex educational videos that help you become a superstar in the Forex world.
  • The Zombie Trader approach, so you don’t even have to think.
  • Only ONE direction you can trade at any given time, no wishy-washy “if this or if that happens.”
  • Know exactly when to wait and when to trade.
  • Trade any timeframe that suits you best.
  • Access to the infamous Multiplier Calculator that can grow an account by over 2000%.

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Simple And Easy To Use

Ultra Blue Forex System is a professional-grade trading system that is easy to trade.

Over 20 years, I developed hundreds of profitable trading systems, and I quickly started to see a common thread. Ultra Blue Forex is those few essential elements of every successful trading system boiled into a single, highly profitable, easy-to-use template.

  • Easily Identify the direction of trade.
  • The proper way to get into trades late.
  • Instantly know when and where to get into a trade.
  • Know exactly where to place your stop loss.
  • Place the perfect profit target for maximizing gains.
  • Erase the risk on every trade to get free trades.
  • Know when to trade and when NOT to trade.
  • More successful trades and fewer losing trades.
  • Make money even if you haven’t before.

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Multiple Trade Signals

You never miss a trade with Ultra Blue Forex System’s multiple signals!

Instead of a single signal per market move, you get as many as you want. There are several ways to trade the market, and Ultra Blue Forex gives you 12 ways, with more being added regularly.

  • Find more ways to get into a trade
  • Never miss a market move.
  • High probability, low-risk trades.
  • Enough trade setups to grow an account fast.
  • One pair can provide dozens of opportunities.
  • Use as many entry types as you like.
  • All methods can be used with the same template.
  • No contradictory trade signals.

The Ultra Blue Stackable Systems

Stackable systems you can use together to increase the number of signals.

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Light Blue

Basic Blue Trade – An excellent trade for a trader who can’t spend too much time in front of their charts. Place your entry and exit orders when a setup occurs, and the trade happens without you.

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Deep Blue

  • RSI Trade – The RSI indicator is a great tool to provide a signal when you can use it right.
  • Trendline Trader – The trendline is an excellent trigger for a trade. The trendline can also provide a good target and a good filter.
  • Engulfing Trade – One of the best ways to get into a trade just as the market begins to move. Early entries make for huge profits.
  • Inside Day Trade – One of the best ways to get into a trade if you missed the original entry. Take small pieces out of the market during a market move.

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Cook Book

The Cook Book is a detailed compilation of non-system-specific methods. This list is what is in the cookbook but not listed elsewhere.

  • Zone Trade – One of the most definitive bounce trades getting you into a trade at its earliest and most profitable.
  • 2 Trendline Trade – Using a set of 2 trendlines is a system all by itself, providing high probability signals and targets.
  • Divergence Trade – One of the few counter-trend trades, and has the power to get you into a trade just as the market turns around.
  • Boss Trade – Maybe the highest-probability trade you will ever find. It uses two timeframes in a uniquely simple way to get some of the biggest trades you can find.

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Forex Redeemer

Redeemer Trade – A unique trading system built for Ultra Blue Forex. A BEST set-it-and-forget-it system for you if time is limited. The Redeemer system has an incredible win ratio and can single-handedly build your account faster than any other system you are using now.

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Forex Fusion

  • Fusion Trade – This is the trade developed for the Double Your Account manual. It’s a system built to be clean, clear, and very easy to use. It offers a 2:1 reward to risk ratio and is the go-to system for most Ultra Blue Forex members.
  • Twisted Trade – This system takes advantage of huge pullbacks in the market. The trades the Twisted Fusion system takes are trades most other traders would miss. It finds money where others overlook it.

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Multiplier Formula

Can grow an account up to 2,418% in a month!

The Multiplier calculator might be the greatest invention for growing your trading account VERY quickly!

Without risking more than 2%, the example image shows how you can grow an account from $250.00 to $6,249.08 in 20 trades.

  • Programmable to use the risk you’re comfortable with.
  • Can grow an account 20x faster than normal.
  • Follow the Step By Step trade orders.
  • No math required on your part.
  • All the work is done for you.
  • Can 20x your account in a single month.

These Are The Returns Of Members

The equity curves of Ultra Blue Forex members using the Multiplier Calculator are mind-blowing.

Jann Sisco

Turned $1000 into $26,029.99

Picture 14

Jay Mayo

Turned $30 into $7,682.72

Picture 15

Fred Plinsky

Turned $250 into $17,268.81

Picture 16

Amanda Pines

Turned $300 into $13,468.01

Picture 17

Preston Richards

Turned $300 into $21,322.03

Picture 18

Alfred Tillman

Turned $500 into $12,990.29

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Market Analysis videos

Some members have joined Ultra Blue Forex JUST for these videos. In these videos, I explain in DETAIL what I am thinking about the market, how it should move, and how you could trade it. These are the legendary videos I get paid $1,000 a pop to do, and you get access to them completely free.

  • How the market should move.
  • What direction the market should move.
  • How far the market should move.
  • Where the targets should be placed.
  • The best way to enter the trade (Trendline, Fusion, Blue, Zone, etc.).
  • Updates several times a week.
  • Take the trade ideas and trade them from any timeframe.

Trade Setups And Ideas

The Analysis videos I do are followed up with my opinion on where the market will go. Members have planned trades around these videos and have done exceptionally well for themselves.

I will explain what trade types and why they are likely to happen.

  • The setups leading into a trade.
  • The direction of trade. Trend-following or counter-trend.
  • What a realistic target of trade would be.
  • What would we see to void a trade setup.
  • Updates and follow-ups as the trade progress.
  • Multi-timeframe approach to trading or managing the trades.

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Additional Calculators

Having a Forex Goal calculator isn’t just practical, helpful! These calculations can help you plan your goals with excellent and acceptable precision. It’s one thing to say you want to make a million dollars in a year, but do you know how actually to do it? The example shows how much you earn each week to grow $1,000 into $100,000 in 1 year. Unbelievably, you can do it, earning only 9.26% a week!

The Goal Calculator will tell you exactly how much you have to earn each day, month, or year to achieve your goals.

  • Be able to achieve HUGE goals.
  • Know exactly how much to earn to achieve your goals.
  • Dreams can become a reality.
  • Compound Calculator included.
  • Access to a Position Size Calculator included.

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What Your Fellow Traders Are Saying

Ultra Blue Forex is changing the lives of members every day!

Trading has become SO EASY! I am making more money than anyone else I know. Trading is no longer stressful, and I LOVE the huge jumps in my account!

Fred Plinsky
Russ is a true genius when it comes to trading. This formula for multiplying an account is better than the Holy Grail. Russ, you have outdone yourself!
Preston Richards
Russ has been helping me through social media for years. I became a member of Ultra Blue, and the multiplier method has everyone I know questioning how I am making my money!
Amanda Pines
The timing of this couldn’t be better. I lost my job six weeks ago, and four-four weeks after, I’m making more money than my job was paying me all year!
Jann Sisco
I was let go without compensation or even any warning about the layoffs. Russ’s multiplier was a LIFE SAVER. I am working less and making more than ever!
Alfred Tillman

What Is Everything Worth?

Grafik 2

All of this is worth quite a bit. There is a lot of content on this site, and the years it took me to assemble it and present it to you make it almost priceless.

I have charged well over $2,500 for much less than what you are getting here, but I will not charge you anywhere near that. I know times are tough, and I want to give you the best deal I can afford.


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The Membership Benefits

Multiple Trading Systems

  • Currently there are 12 professional-grade, easy to understand and use trading systems.
  • Every system uses the same simple template for extreme ease of use.
  • All systems are stackable, meaning you can use them all together.
  • Never miss a market move again.
  • More trade signals than you know what to do with.

Updated Signal and Analysis Videos

  • Market analysis tells you where the market will be going.
  • Potential trade setups.
  • Educational videos to make you better than other traders.

Forex Multiplier Calculator

  • If you can follow instructions and do what the calculator tells you, this is the tool that can add 2,000% to your account in a month.
  • Step by step road map to simple account growth.

Calculators To Keep You On Track

  • Goal Calculator that tells you exactly how much you need to earn each day, week, month to reach your huge trading goals.
  • Multiplier Calculator that gives you a road map to earn 2,000% on your account.
  • Compound Calculator that shows you what you can earn using the risk amount and reward to risk ratio you choose.
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