Ultimate Prop Firm Trading Course


Embark on your journey to professional trading with the Ultimate Prop Firm Trading Course, a comprehensive program led by experts Michael Toma and Etienne Crete. This self-paced course offers nine focused modules, covering everything from risk management to strategies for successfully navigating prop firm challenges and beyond.


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Ultimate Prop Firm Course: Your to Professional Trading

Embark on a transformative journey with the Ultimate Prop Firm Trading Course, meticulously designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to excel in the world of proprietary trading. Crafted by renowned Michael Toma and Etienne Crete, this program is your ticket to transitioning from an aspiring trader to a professional one, capable of handling significant trading capital provided by leading proprietary firms.

Key Features of the Course

  • Self-Paced Learning: Follow the course at your own pace, accommodating your personal schedule.
  • 9 Focused Modules: Comprehensive coverage of essential topics for prop trading success.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from the experience and insights of professional traders.
  • Practical Exercises & Resources: Apply your knowledge through exercises designed for real-world trading.
  • Personalized Self-Assessment: Gauge your progress and understanding at each stage.
  • Risk Management Mastery: Acquire skills in one of the most critical aspects of trading.
  • Strategies for Funding Challenges: Learn top trading strategies specifically for prop firm challenges.
  • Progress Management: Get guidance on tracking and optimizing your performance during challenges.
  • Capital Management Post-Challenge: Discover ways to effectively grow your trading business post-funding.

Module 1 – Course Introduction and Self-Assessment

Kick-start your journey with a thorough introduction to the course structure and objectives. Understand the roadmap ahead and embark on your first self-assessment to set a benchmark for your progress. This module lays the foundation for your journey toward becoming a funded trader.

Module 2 – Inside the World of Major Prop Firms

Delve into the intricate workings of major proprietary trading firms. This module offers a deep dive into their rules and challenges, helping you identify the best fit for your trading style and goals. You'll gain invaluable insights into the industry, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

Module 3 – Habits of Successful Funded Traders

Discover the distinguishing habits of successful traders in the context of prop firm challenges. This module is designed to help you emulate the practices of successful traders while steering clear of common pitfalls. Learn the subtle differences that can significantly impact your challenge outcomes.

Module 4 – Mastering Risk Management

Risk management is the cornerstone of successful trading, especially in the high-stakes environment of a prop firm. This module equips you with advanced risk management techniques, turning this crucial aspect into a strategic advantage in your trading endeavors.

Module 5 – Pre-Challenge Preparation

Preparation is key to success. In this module, we guide you through the essential steps to take before starting your funded trader challenge. From mindset to technical readiness, every aspect is covered to ensure you're fully prepared for the challenge ahead.

Module 6 – Strategies for Funding Success

This module reveals our top trading strategies, tailored for prop firm funding challenges. Whether you're looking to enhance your current portfolio or need specific strategies for the challenge, this module provides actionable tactics to boost your performance.

Module 7 – Navigating the Challenge

Learn how to effectively manage your progress during the challenge. This module teaches you what and how to track your performance, offering guidance for adapting your when things don't go as planned. It's about staying agile and responsive in the dynamic trading environment.

Module 8 – Post-Challenge Growth Strategies

Upon successfully completing the challenge and securing funding, this module focuses on how to leverage your new capital to expand your trading business. Learn strategies for sustainable growth and risk management at a higher level of trading.

Module 9 – Beyond Online Prop Firms: Managing Capital

Explore the opportunities available to you as a funded trader beyond the confines of online prop firms. This final module discusses various avenues for capital management and growth, helping you assess which path aligns best with your trading style and long-term objectives.


The Ultimate Prop Firm Trading Course is more than just a learning experience; it's a comprehensive blueprint for your success in the competitive world of proprietary trading. With the guidance of expert traders, practical exercises, and a focus on real-world application, this course is your stepping stone to becoming a proficient, funded trader. Embrace the challenge, harness the knowledge, and transform your trading career today.

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What You'll Get:

  • 1. Module 1 – Course Introduction.mp4
  • 10. Module 9 – Managing Capital.mp4
  • 2, Module 2 – How Funding Programs Work.mp4
  • 3. Module 3 – Consistent Habits of the Funded Trader.mp4
  • 4. Module 4 – Essentials of Risk Management.mp4
  • 5. Module 5 – Pre-Challenge Planning.mp4
  • 6. Module 6 – For Funding .mp4
  • 7. Module 7 – Managing your Progress During the Challenge.mp4
  • 8. Module 7.1 – Trade Size Management During the Challenge.mp4
  • 9. Module 8 – Next Steps after the Challenge.mp4
  • Development-Plan-template.docx (1).pdf
  • Development-Plan-template.docx.pdf
  • MetricsTemplate-Forex-Equities (1).xls
  • MetricsTemplate-Forex-Equities.xls
  • Module 3 – Preparation Checklist (Fillable).pdf
  • One-Page_Trading_Growth_Plan_2.0_Fillable_ (1).pdf
  • One-Page_Trading_Growth_Plan_2.0_Fillable_.pdf
  • One-Page_Trading_Plan_2.0_Fillable_ (1).pdf
  • One-Page_Trading_Plan_2.0_Fillable_.pdf
  • Performance-tracking-data-driven-Mod-7.docx.pdf
  • Phases-of-RM-Process-slide.png
  • Pre-Challenge-Checklist.pdf
  • Preparation-Success-Checklist-Module-3.docx.pdf
  • Risk-control-snapship-slide.png
  • SWOT Template 2.0 (Fillable).pdf
  • Trader-Challenge-Daily-Prep-Sheet-Mod-7-Resource.docx.pdf
  • Trader-Psychology-Assessment-worksheet-Mod-7.docx.pdf
  • Trade-Size-Management-Guide-Snapshot.png
  • -Journal-by-DesireToTRADE (1).xlsx
  • Trading-Journal-by-DesireToTRADE.xlsx
  • Trading-Plan-Template.docx.pdf
  • War-Map-Calendar.xlsx
  • Why Traders Fail – Top 10 Mod 3.pdf
  • Why-Traders-Fail-Top-10-Mod-3.pdf

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