Goldminer AI MT4 Robot


The Goldminer AI MT4 Robot is an innovative trading tool that combines Artificial Intelligence with traditional technical analysis to accurately predict market movements. It features a unique recovery mode and uses advanced LSTM networks for time series analysis, optimizing forex trading strategies with its dynamic, AI-driven approach.


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Goldminer AI MT4 : Revolutionizing Forex Trading with AI

In the realm of foreign exchange trading, the Goldminer AI MT4 Robot stands as a beacon of innovation, blending Artificial Intelligence with traditional technical analysis to forecast market trends with unprecedented accuracy. This state-of-the-art Expert Advisor (EA) is a game-changer for traders seeking to elevate their trading strategies.

Key Features of Goldminer AI MT4 Robot

  • Quick Setup: Effortlessly adjust risk levels with just a click.
  • Trade Panel: Gain comprehensive control over trades, EA performance, and forecasts.
  • ChatGPT Forecasts: Leverage live forecasts from ChatGPT to enhance trade decisions.
  • News Filter: Stay ahead of financial events and adjust trades accordingly.
  • Fully Customizable: Tailor the trading strategy to fit personal risk preferences.
  • Optimized for DigitalForex VPS: For optimal performance, it is recommended to run this EA on DigitalForex VPS, ensuring stability and speed.

Advanced Trading Mechanics

Embracing a New Trading Paradigm

Goldminer AI MT4 Robot redefines trading mechanics by opening smaller trades simultaneously, rather than a single trade. This approach allows for a strategic closure of losing positions using profits from other trades, significantly reducing potential losses.

Dynamic Entry and Recovery Techniques

The robot employs pending buy and sell stop orders for initial positions, capturing benefits from sudden price reversals. Its unique trailing pending order mechanism maximizes gains in volatile markets. Furthermore, each position is safeguarded with predefined fixed or trailing Take and Stop Loss, although these can be customized as needed.

Optimal Currency Pairs and Timeframes

While Goldminer AI is primarily trained for the XAUUSD (Gold) pair, its versatility allows for testing and application across various currency pairs. The EA internally operates on the M5 timeframe but can be attached to any chart, maintaining consistent functionality regardless of the chosen timeframe.

Comprehensive Input Parameters

Quick Setup and Risk Management

The Quick Setup option enables traders to swiftly apply predefined settings, while the Risk Mode selection caters to different risk appetites. Lot size adjustments further personalize the trading experience.

Batch and Recovery Settings

Control over the number of trades per batch and the intricacies of recovery trade settings offers an enhanced level of strategy customization, ensuring alignment with individual trading styles.

Trade and News Filter Settings

Detailed trade settings, including Take Profit, Stop Loss, and spread limits, provide granular control over each trade. The integration of ChatGPT and News Filters allows traders to make informed decisions based on AI predictions and global financial events.

Unique Trading Modes for Enhanced Strategies

Recovery Mode

Utilizing the Fibonacci Retracement theory, the Recovery Mode seeks to offset losing positions by opening additional trades, strategically closing each losing position with the profits.

Trailing Profit Mode

This mode enables traders to capitalize on significant price movements, potentially increasing profits by adjusting the stop loss as the trade moves favorably.

Rigorous Backtesting for Reliability

The Goldminer AI MT4 Robot underwent extensive backtesting from January 1, 2010, to June 31, 2023, on 100% history quality data, ensuring reliability and performance consistency. Forward-testing further validates its effectiveness up to October 2023.

Backtest Settings for Replication

Traders can replicate these robust backtest results using specific settings detailed in the product guide, including the recommended symbol, timeframe, modeling, deposit, and leverage.

Harnessing the of AI in Forex Trading

Recurrent Neural Networks at the Core

At the heart of Goldminer AI MT4 Robot lies the sophisticated use of Recurrent Neural Networks, specifically Long-Short-Term-Memory (LSTM) cells. These networks are adept at analyzing time series data, considering both short-term and long-term market trends. By training these networks with data from various technical analysis indicators, the EA identifies the most relevant indicators for future price movements, thereby enhancing its predictive capabilities.

LSTM Networks: A Game-Changer for Forex

LSTM networks, a pivotal component of this EA, specialize in recognizing and interpreting patterns over time, making them exceptionally well-suited for financial market analysis. This advanced AI technology sets Goldminer AI MT4 Robot apart, enabling it to adapt to evolving market conditions and maintain a competitive edge in forex trading.

User Experience and Interface

Intuitive Trade Panel

The Goldminer AI MT4 Robot comes with an intuitive trade panel that offers traders complete oversight of all trading activities. This panel not only displays real-time performance metrics but also provides forecasts, empowering traders to make informed decisions swiftly.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Understanding that each trader has unique strategies and risk tolerances, Goldminer AI MT4 Robot offers unparalleled customization. Whether it's adjusting risk levels, setting trade parameters, or selecting specific trading modes, the EA ensures that every aspect of trading aligns with individual preferences and goals.

Optimal Performance with DigitalForex VPS

To achieve the best results with Goldminer AI MT4 Robot, it's recommended to utilize DigitalForex VPS. This virtual private server solution ensures that the EA runs on a stable, high-speed platform, minimizing latency and maximizing efficiency. By running the robot on DigitalForex VPS, traders can expect seamless execution of trades, which is crucial in the fast-paced world of forex trading.

Stay Ahead with News and ChatGPT Filters

News Filter for Informed Trading

The News Filter feature is a significant advantage for traders using Goldminer AI MT4 Robot. This feature keeps traders informed about crucial financial events and enables them to adjust their trading strategies accordingly. Whether it's high-impact news or subtle market shifts, this filter ensures that traders are never caught off-guard.

Leveraging ChatGPT Forecasts

Incorporating AI-driven forecasts from ChatGPT, Goldminer AI MT4 Robot allows traders to filter trades based on short-term, medium-term, and long-term predictions. This integration of AI-based forecasting tools empowers traders to make more strategic decisions, enhancing the probability of successful trades.

Backtesting: The Backbone of Reliable Trading

Comprehensive Historical Analysis

The extensive backtesting period, using 100% history quality data, is a testament to the robustness of Goldminer AI MT4 Robot. This comprehensive historical analysis ensures that the EA is not only reliable but also adaptable to various market scenarios.

Forward-Testing for Consistency

The forward-testing of the EA up to October 2023 provides an additional layer of assurance regarding its performance and consistency. This forward-looking approach in testing guarantees that the robot remains effective in real-world trading environments.

Conclusion: A New Era in Forex Trading

Goldminer AI MT4 Robot is not just an Expert Advisor; it's a transformative tool for forex traders. With its cutting-edge AI technology, intuitive interface, comprehensive customization , and rigorous testing, this robot is poised to set new standards in forex trading. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, Goldminer AI MT4 Robot offers the sophistication, reliability, and performance you need to excel in the dynamic world of forex.

Specification: Goldminer AI MT4 Robot

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4


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