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R Factor Multi Strategy Expert Advisor 1.81

Unlock the full potential of your trading portfolio with the R Factor Multi Strategy Expert Advisor, featuring a proprietary dynamic portfolio management system. Developed over 4 years and proven over 3, this game-changing tool employs multiple strategies for night scalping and breakout trades.


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Unleash The Power of R Factor Multi Advisor

Introducing the R FACTOR Multi Strategy Expert Advisor with our exclusive Proprietary Dynamic Portfolio Management . Dive into the game-changing evolution that has redefined the MQL5 community's approach to trading .

Years of Mastery At Your Fingertips

Having invested over 4 years in development and boasting over 3 years of concrete positive results, R Factor emerges as a testament to our commitment. We firmly believe that a strategy must prove its mettle to its creator before being shared with the world. This ‘Skin In The Game' principle not only showcases our confidence in the strategy but also drives its continual enhancement.

Your Solution to Cycles

The market is an ever-evolving beast. Every seasoned trader can relate to the struggle of adapting a well-tested strategy to real-time situations, only to watch it grapple during unpredictable market cycles. This oscillation can test even the most seasoned trader's patience, as enduring prolonged periods of losses can be harrowing. All the while, another asset or strategy might flourish, adding to the trader's anguish.

R Factor's Multi-Faceted Approach

Recognizing these market cycles, R Factor doesn't tie you to one strategy. Instead, we've crafted multiple strategies centered around night scalping and breakout trades. The game-changer? Our proprietary dynamic portfolio balancing algorithm. Taking a leaf from the Kelly Criterion management, this algorithm dynamically shifts the weight between winning and losing pairs, maximizing profit potential.

Harnessing Market Dynamics

Through the ingenious R Factor algorithm, the dominant pairs in the portfolio continually evolve, shouldering a larger share and maximizing both current and anticipated profits. Simultaneously, underperforming pairs are strategically scaled down, limiting their impact on gains. While this naturally enhances portfolio volatility, the substantial profit potential tilts the scale, justifying the heightened risks for unparalleled rewards.

Maximize Gains with the Right Broker

To truly leverage R Factor's potential, partnering with brokers offering minimal spreads and reasonable commissions is pivotal. For our top broker recommendations, refer to the link provided.

Key Features of R Factor Expert Advisor:

  • Efficiency at its Best: Single chart setup for a streamlined experience.
  • Safety First: Every trade comes with a defined stop loss and a dynamic take profit.
  • Smart Trading: One trade per pair, steering clear of averaging and martingale.
  • Adaptive Portfolio Management: Proprietary Algorithm to dynamically balance your portfolio.
  • Optimized Exits: Intelligent Trade Exit System to capitalize on favorable situations.
  • Stay Updated: Inbuilt News Filter.
  • Proven Expertise: Over 3 years of a live-tested algorithm.
  • Prepare for the Worst: Proprietary Backtest Simulation for high spread periods.
  • Start Small, Win Big: Suitable for all, starting at just 30 USD for one pair or 100 USD for a full portfolio with 12 pairs.

Specification: R Factor Multi Strategy Expert Advisor 1.81

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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What You’ll Get:

  • R Factor EA MT4 V1.81.zip
  • R Factor.txt
  • R Factor 1.81.ex4
  • Accumulation With MA.ex4
  • All Pivot Points.ex4
  • jurik keltner channel 1.01 mtf.ex4
  • 1 Hour Only 1.8 One Chart Setup.set
  • Last 15 1.8 One Chart Setup.set
  • One Set To Rule Them All 1.8 One Chart Setup.set
  • Zero 1.8 One Chart Setup.set


R Factor Multi Strategy Expert Advisor 1.81
R Factor Multi Strategy Expert Advisor 1.81


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