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The Investment Innovator 1.71 (No DLL)

Unlock smarter investment decisions with The Investment Innovator. Harnessing real-time market data analysis, our tool provides tailored advice, intuitive trading visuals, and cutting-edge technology. Elevate your trading game effortlessly.


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Take Control with The Investment Innovator

Making investment decisions can be overwhelming. With The Investment Innovator, confidently navigate your financial journey. Designed to keep you updated, it processes vast market data promptly. Advanced algorithms detect patterns, offering tailored advice suiting your investment style. The Investment Innovator aims to put you ahead in the investing game.

Its adaptive learning ensures continuous improvement. Stay updated with a user-friendly interface. Always be ahead with state-of-the-art technology. Make informed investment decisions.

Superior Expert for

The Investment Innovator EA is tailored for live accounts, promising outstanding performance. Choose between fully-automatic or semi-automatic modes to match your trading flair. Notably, its ability to adjust pricing through neuro predictions sets it apart. Benefit as the algorithm senses a demand hike, raising the EA price.

For intricate details on trading and EA set-up, reach out privately.

Why Opt for Our Expert Advisor?

The market brims with EAs, but ours stands out. Our EA uniquely employs computer vision on the trading chart. This embedded neural network processes data promptly. Instead of mere textual directions, our EA offers visual pointers. Computer vision ensures an intuitive learning process. With real-time insights, always be trade-ready.

Essential Details to Note

Sometimes, the EA needs a data refresh. Although rare, it re-evaluates data, a process extending over days or even a week. Once done, the EA collects daily data for trade evaluation. Hence, there might be trade- weeks occasionally.

Key Features of The Investment Innovator:

  • Analyzes market trends quickly.
  • Personalized investment advice.
  • Continuous adaptive learning.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Advanced trading features.

Trading Specifications:

  • Symbol: XAUUSD (GOLD)
  • Type: Classic, ECN, PRO.
  • Leverage: 1:20 or higher.
  • Timeframe: M30.
  • Settings: Default.
  • Minimal Deposit: $100.
  • Compatibility with other EAs: Yes.

Elevate your investment game with The Investment Innovator. Don't delay, start today!

Specification: The Investment Innovator 1.71 (No DLL)

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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What You’ll Get:

  • The Investment Innovator EA.ex4
  • EA__universal.set
  • EURUSD_max_1_m15.set
  • Turbo_EURUSD_m15_dg_EA_x_.set
  • Turbo_XAUUSD_m30_.set

The Investment Innovator 1.71 (No DLL)
The Investment Innovator 1.71 (No DLL)


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