Master Algorithmic Trading with Python


Learn algorithmic trading with “Master Algorithmic Trading with Python,” led by QuantFactory’s expert, Lachezar “Luke.” This program turns theory into practice, setting you on a path to success in quantitative finance.


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Master Algorithmic with Python: Your Gateway to Profitable Bot Trading

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of quantitative finance with “Master Algorithmic Trading with Python.” This premier guide is the brainchild of Lachezar “Luke”, co-founder of QuantFactory and an expert in algorithmic trading.

With an illustrious career at top-tier quant hedge funds and a portfolio of over 35 profitable trading strategies, Luke offers a treasure trove of knowledge. This program is a golden ticket for anyone aiming to elevate their career and financial status through the of Python and quantitative trading.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Learning Material: Over 13 hours of video content across two detailed courses.
  • Advanced Backtesting : Access to a state-of-the-art, plug-and-play backtester for immersive learning.
  • Lifetime Access: Unlimited access to the courses and all future updates.
  • Structured Learning Approach: A blend of structured theory and practical, hands-on processes.
  • Resource Library: An extensive collection of resources to enhance the learning experience.

Transform Into a Quantitative Trading Expert

Why Pursue Algorithmic Trading?

Stepping into the realm of algorithmic trading opens doors to a future unbound by the limitations of traditional career paths. It offers a blend of intellectual challenge, creative problem-solving, and the potential for exceptional financial rewards. Whether the goal is to launch a hedge fund or secure a high-paying role in the finance sector, this program serves as the perfect launchpad.

Master Trading with Python

The learning journey begins with “Python Fundamentals for Quant Trading,” designed for those new to Python. It lays the foundation, covering essential libraries and packages. The adventure deepens with “Quant Trading Strategies with Python,” focusing on developing, backtesting, and optimizing trading strategies, turning theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

Skill Development for Success

Essential Skills Acquired:

  • Quantitative Research: Master the art of scouting for profitable trading opportunities through comprehensive research.
  • Strategy Development: Learn to craft, backtest, and refine effective trading models and strategies.
  • Data Analysis: Sharpen abilities in market data collection and analysis to inform trading decisions.
  • Mathematical Modeling: Construct and manage complex models to predict market trends accurately.
  • Risk Management: Master techniques to safeguard investments and ensure stability.

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Success Stories to Inspire

Many students have journeyed through this program to achieve financial freedom and career transformation. Their success underscores the program's effectiveness and the vast potential it unlocks for committed individuals.

Unrivaled Value for Aspiring Quant

This program stands out by offering extensive video content, an advanced backtesting tool, and an exhaustive resource library—all with lifetime access and continuous updates. It equips learners with everything needed to embark on a successful career in quantitative finance.


“Master Algorithmic Trading with Python” is more than just a course; it's a comprehensive pathway for those ready to delve into algorithmic trading and make significant strides in the quantitative finance world. Guided by Luke's expertise and a wealth of resources, learners are not just educated—they are prepared to thrive in the dynamic field of quantitative finance. Take the first step towards financial freedom and professional mastery today.

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What You'll Get:

Quant Trading Strategies with Python Course Curriculum

Meet Your Instructor & Course Overview

  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Course Overview
  • What We Are Building Together

Why Back testing Worths the Effort

  • High Quality Back test, Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Rules When Back testing and Metrics

Downloads & Installations

  • & Install Anaconda
  • Jupiter Notebook
  • Install Python Packages

Pandas Refresher

  • Read Data into a Data frame.
  • Select and Slice Data frame.
  • Summary Functions
  • Working with Datetime Index

Back trader Fundamentals

  • Back trader Basics
  • Using the
  • Add Data Feeds
  • Create Simple Strategy
  • Add Log Function
  • Add Notify Order Function
  • Add Notify Trade Function
  • Order Type & Size
  • Exit Conditions
  • Take & Stop Loss
  • Set Commission & Add Analyzers

Strategy Ideas & Development

  • Intro
  • A Strategy Needs to Make Sense
  • How To Generate Ideas?
  • Indicators & Additional Data
  • Potential Machine Learning in Strategy
  • Strategy Part 1
  • Strategy Part 2
  • Strategy Part 3

Data Extraction & Features Preparation

  • Information On What We Are Going to Do
  • Weekly Regime Feature Modeling – Part 1
  • Weekly Regime Feature Modeling – Part 2
  • Weekly Regime Feature Modeling – Part 3
  • Weekly Regime Feature Modeling – Part 4
  • Daily Feature Modeling – Part 1
  • Daily Options Feature Modeling – Part 2
  • Daily Options Feature Modeling – Part 3
  • Final DataFrame – Part 1
  • Final DataFrame – Part 2
  • Final DataFrame – Part 3
  • Final DataFrame – Part 4
  • Calculate All Technical Indicators

Back testing The Strategy

  • Pandas Data Feed
  • Building The Back tester
  • Visualizing The Results

Strategy Optimization

  • Intro On Optimization
  • Dynamic Stop Loss
  • Optimization – Part 1
  • Optimization – Part 2
  • Optimization – Part 3
  • First Intraday Price Pattern
  • Second Intraday Price Action Pattern – Part 1
  • Second Intraday Price Action Pattern – Part 2
  • Third Intraday Price Action Pattern – Part 1
  • Third Intraday Price Action Pattern – Part 2
  • Choosing Final Strategy and Parameters

Out Of Sample Testing

  • Out Of Sample Testing

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